Jessica Galantucci | Hybrid MBA

30 November 2022

A unique journey, lived intensely. Jessica Galantucci, Sales Director & Strategic Business Development Manager at Inexpect, chose the Hybrid MBA for its flexibility. Thanks to her fellow students, the lecturers and the opportunities to meet companies and professionals, she found so much more than a structured course tailored to her needs and was able to build a new human and professional awareness.

Can you tell us about your career path?

After graduating in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Bologna, I started working as an Area Manager for a company in the automotive sector, the Nexion Group, trying to use my language skills to build real, professional relationships and not simple customer-supplier relationships. I have always enjoyed creating synergies with external customers and organizations to increase the value of the companies for which I have worked. After about 6 years, I joined M.D. Microdetectors, a company specializing in the design and production of sensors for industrial automation. Shortly afterwards, I started to recognize that the world of sales alone was starting to feel too limiting for me. Thanks to the management of the CEO and a group of highly motivated people, we managed to restructure ourselves by applying the principles of lean manufacturing, especially in the production area. In this way, we transformed what was a very small company in the sector into a benchmark, where customer service and professionalism are the cornerstones of its development. Along this path, I also grew as a professional: first by managing the sales and production branches, then by joining the company’s board. It was precisely at this stage that I started thinking about an MBA, with the aim of making my expertise in managing ‘our’ small business even more secure and effective. When the Datalogic group acquired M.D., I became head of strategic business development for a small industrial company specializing in the technological development of radars for corporate security. This was a very demanding new professional challenge, which on the one hand enhanced my desire to attend the Master’s course, and on the other made it more difficult, due to the many professional commitments I now had. 

How and why did you choose the Hybrid MBA at BBS to continue your education?

I had already considered the Hybrid MBA at Bologna Business School, but the perfect opportunity to attend it was offered to me by the lockdown, which forced me to reduce my professional commitments abroad. Indeed, my role in the company involved a lot of traveling, and the fact that I had to stop led me almost naturally to throw myself into that much sought-after path in order to continue to progress in my education. The Hybrid MBA formula is the one that best matched my work commitments, once I was back on the road again, and especially the level of involvement expected in the company for my role.

What do you think are the strengths of the Master’s program?

The Master’s program gave me both a professional and a personal awareness in an almost unconscious yet strong and decisive way. The professionalism, expertise and preparation, as well as the experience, of the BBS professors and tutors and their commitment to the participants are very clear and strong trademarks that I noticed right away. I immediately thought it was an opportunity not to be missed. The online classes, the offline support (without limits), the experience of the mentors, the academic level of the classes, the professionals who were part of it: everything contributed to make the Master’s a reference point when faced with professional difficulties and challenges. You arrive at the end with an incredible wealth of knowledge and, above all, you are left with such a curiosity that your work is a great test case for making the most of it. However, your peers, professors and mentors remain unparalleled reference points even at the end of the Master’s degree.

Almost a year after your BBS journey ended, what has this experience left you with and how has it impacted your career?

It left me with great reference points and important relationships with both some of the professors and some of my fellow students. It has left me with a great awareness and confidence in the professional field, knowing that I can count on “experiences” dealt with all round great professionals. It has made me more aware in my professional path, knowing my limits but most importantly having experienced my possibilities and knowing now that I can also be daring and be able to rely on what I know. It has created so many expectations and curiosity about new topics that I have taken other paths, still at BBS, and allowed me to play as part of a “team” knowing that I can rely on my abilities and recognize those of others. It has helped me develop a professional awareness that I didn’t think I had, one which can stimulate healthy professional relationships as well.


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