Jacopo Torriglia: “From the Law manuals behind the scenes of a TV series thanks to the Master BBS”

16 May 2019

My name is Jacopo Torriglia and during the Master in New Media and Marketing Communication I had the opportunity to participate in the realization of the communication campaign of the TV mini-series “Il Mostro di Udine” broadcast at the end of May on the Crime + channel Investigation present on the platform.

The work was carried out in collaboration with A+E Networks Italia – one of the leading media companies in Italy that manages the History Channel, Crime + Investigation and Blaze channels – as a project work for the Corporate Communication course held by Roberto Grandi, Director of the Master BBS and President of the Istituzione Bologna Musei. For the occasion, we focused on the integrated communication of the four-part TV mini-series dedicated to one of the most ferocious cold cases in the news: at the center of the episodes signed by the director Matteo Lena, the never identified serial killer, held responsible for sixteen murders committed in the province of Udine between 1971 and 1989.

Specifically, we worked on the development of a multi-platform communication strategy alongside Social Factor, the digital agency that deals with the program’s digital channels: my experience as a graphic designer and video maker has allowed me to take care of the realization of the project communication, in addition to the general strategy, together with colleague Alessia Stefani, and the production of prototypes of contents at the level of images and videos.

Sara Luzzi and Margherita Morini, Marketing Managers of the Crime + Investigation channel, also took part in the final presentation of the project work, giving us the opportunity to witness first-hand the actual programming of the publication of social media content on a TV series, and to understand the differentiation of strategies required when operating on multiple platforms with a view to integrated communication.

Working in the field with A + E was an incredible experience and above all a privilege, since Sara and Margherita chose our project among the others presented. All this would not have been possible without each of the friends and colleagues who contributed to making it: Letizia Gianotti, Alessia Stefani, Melisa Tramannoni, Daniela Zucchi, Federico Capocasa and Sergio Modica.

A unique professional opportunity offered by BBS, whose strengths are in my opinion its practicality and the various group experiences that are faced during the master, thanks to a faculty composed of academics, managers and entrepreneurs leader in the field. Alongside a multicultural environment that offers a continuous connection with companies, the other fundamental elements of my journey at BBS were the Personal Branding course and the Career Service, which offers the opportunity to learn how to take an interview and participate in real recruitment procedures for various companies in the area.

The Master allowed me to direct my professional career towards my real field of interest: after a Law Degree, I approached the marketing field by taking part in various projects mainly related to communication, graphics and organization of events, but only such a practical and specific path has allowed me to understand the needs of the companies in the field and to transform them into effective contents and communication plans.

At the moment I’m about to finish my Master’s course: about a month is missing and many are open. In light of my journey in BBS I can only advise a future student to take 100% of the many opportunities to get in touch with industry professionals during the Master’s experience. Moreover, as Alan Kay, an American computer scientist who conceived the first laptop, said, the best way to predict the future is to invent it.


Jacopo Torriglia – Italy

Master in New Media and Marketing Communication – Class 2018/2019




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