The International Week in the U.S. of BBS’s Executive MBA English edition

17 November 2023

Kaoutar Abd, Business Development Manager at Gewiss, and Filippo Belcecchi, Project Manager at Ferretti Group, both candidates in the Executive MBA English edition at Bologna Business School, talk about International Week in the USA.

This segment of their MBA journey took them to the United States, specifically to Silicon Valley, the global hub of technology and innovation. The week was an intense exploration of topics such as big data, innovation, and business strategy, which allowed the candidates to acquire new skills and have a unique experience. We asked them to share some insights from this journey, rich in opportunities.

During the International Week, you immersed yourselves in topics like Big Data & Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Digital Innovation, and Business Strategies. What were the main insights you gained from this experience?

Big Data & Analytics is already integral to many high-tech companies. Digital innovation is accelerating in Europe, but it’s a solid reality in Silicon Valley. The trend is shifting from product-based to process-based innovation – doing things differently, more efficiently, and sustainably while staying close to the customer and delivering value when needed. This aligns with the circular and sustainable economy, as resources are utilized effectively. Digitalization reshapes every business strategy, creates new revenue streams, empowers ecosystems, and reduces internal costs.

The Executive MBA English edition opens up global scenarios and promotes internationalization and innovation. How did this international week contribute to expanding your vision and refining your skills in these areas?

The Executive MBA allowed us to discuss international business cases, broadening our perspectives on modern organizations and technologies driving change, like Tesla and SpaceX. These organizations innovate not just in products but in production methods, gaining a competitive edge. Internationalization is valuable but comes with risks, as seen during COVID-19, where distant value chains faced disruptions. Sustainability is crucial for both environmental and operational effectiveness.

Your experience in California, in collaboration with SJSU Lucas College and Graduate School of Business, was a key element of the International Week. Can you share some significant moments or experiences from your stay in California and how they influenced your approach to global business themes?

In Silicon Valley, there’s a unique atmosphere encouraging proactivity and risk-taking. Visits to companies like HP and FalconX allowed us to meet professionals with impressive careers, emphasizing that people are central to any organization. Current trends focus on hyper-customization, adapting products and services to individual needs. Leaders are shaping their processes around customer-specific needs, with additive manufacturing, data analytics, and servitization being key outcomes.

The Executive MBA English edition values networking and emphasizes building a global professional network. How has this experience contributed to expanding your professional network, and what benefits do you foresee or have already derived for your career?

An MBA is not just professional growth but personal development. The real value lies in the network you create. Your colleagues can offer insights into other businesses or industries. The professionals you meet open doors to new opportunities. It’s about maximizing the entire experience. It’s rewarding to see your mind open to new topics, and the network starts there. It’s up to you to make the most of it.


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