Inside BBS: after the third lockdown, the first in-person staff meeting

4 June 2021

On Thursday May 6th, the first in-person staff meeting took place, after more than one year since the first lockdown. 

The BBS Staff gathered in the magnificent context of the park of Villa Guastavillani for a much-awaited event. During the months of remote work, the team spirit that has always characterized the work group was never absent and, indeed, we were happy to observe that, also thanks to adequate technological support, the work has always been fluid and effective. The overall perspective and the warmth that only a real meeting can offer, however, remain of key importance in all relationships, including the one that binds the members of staff of Bologna Business School. That’s why the event, which was held according to the distancing protocol and using all the necessary precautions for the participants’ safety, was attended with enthusiasm and participation.

The opening speech of the meeting by the Dean, Max Bergami, was particularly significant: BBS deals with the future of people, their projects, wishes and dreams. It is a privilege to work with the future and for the future that guides the staff in the performance of their work. Dealing with the future also means being able to take a leap of faith, getting used to a constantly changing reality and learning to seize from challenges the seeds of change with courage and optimism.


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