Innovation, flexibility and interaction: the new MBA at BBS with a ‘hybrid’ formula

24 July 2020

The range of courses that BBS offers for specific executive profiles is complemented by the Hybrid MBA, a new educational path featuring e-learning and on-campus activities to enable participants to combine studying, their career and personal commitments.

“A Master that was developed because of the new needs imposed by an emergency situation, which presents all the advantages of e-learning without giving up on networking, thanks to a flexible and innovative model that encourages students’ proactive participation” – says  Professor Franco Visani, Scientific Director of the Hybrid MBA.

A 13-month course, starting in October 2020, that ensures a thorough basic training typical of the MBA program, in addition featuring a strong digital connotation, in both modalities and contents.

“The Hybrid MBA of BBS – Visani adds – includes short and structured teaching sessions available at any time, geared for those who work and focused on the digital transformation we are experiencing. Furthermore, for each thematic area digital talks will be organized: they will be held by experts in different fields who will share their firsthand experience, through interactive and highly participative sessions. Then, the Sales course will include a presentation entirely devoted to e-commerce; the marketing course a session on digital marketing and so on for each core course, with the aim of providing different perspectives on how new technologies are changing managerial figures, redefining roles, competences and soft skills”.

The Hybrid MBA includes 10 core courses in e-learning mode and on-campus activities that enable participants to strengthen the value of personal interaction with both their colleagues and faculty. This will be achieved through two smart weeks that feature company visits at prestigious companies partners of Bologna Business School, hackathons on topics linked to innovation and a final Business Game. Also mentoring and teambulding activities for participants will be organized. “By its very nature, remote teaching does not foster interaction, while the Hybrid MBA, with its ‘mixed’ formula, encourages a continuous exchange between faculty and participants, building on what we have learned these past months from remote working and training” Visani concludes.

A tangible example of innovation that transforms a moment of crisis into an opportunity to be seized and nurtured.



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