Innovation and Leadership: The Smart Week of Bologna Business School’s Hybrid MBA

31 October 2023

The Smart Week of the Hybrid MBA at Bologna Business School, which took place from October 26 to 28, once again offered a valuable experience for students at the beginning of a unique educational journey.

This was, in fact, the first Smart Week on Campus for participants of the new edition of this uniquely structured MBA, which combines online and on-campus lessons, a first in the national landscape. This intensive week provided participants with the opportunity to explore the business dynamics and managerial challenges of the contemporary business world through practical activities, company visits, and meetings with industry experts.

The week began with a visit to Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A., where students had the opportunity to take a plant tour and listen to a corporate speech that allowed them to delve into the company’s strategies and operations. After lunch, the students returned to Villa Guastavillani to listen to a speech by Giacomo Gollinucci, Vice President & CEO of Gollinucci S.r.l., a company operating in the professional channel of the bathroom and kitchen furnishing industry. The day concluded with a guided tour of Villa Guastavillani and a dinner at Cantina Bentivoglio, offering participants a moment for relaxation and networking. The second day was dedicated to a Hackathon held at the BBS Campus at Villa Guastavillani. Students, divided into teams, worked on real business problems, testing their analytical and problem-solving skills throughout the day.

The day of October 28 was marked by two Alumni Interviews thanks to the contribution of Martina Del Castello, Managing Director – SSM Business Unite at AIMS S.r.l., and Davide Uberti, Client Success and Partner Sales at Unobravo. It was a highly engaging moment in which participants in the current edition of the Hybrid MBA had the opportunity to engage with two managers who have been on their educational journey. It is a unique opportunity to discover that motivation and strong commitment can turn into real goals.

The focus on the value of the School’s Community and the dialogue between all its members plays, as always, a key role in the success of BBS programs.

As the Program Director Franco Visani emphasized, Smart Week represents a crucial moment in the student’s educational journey, as it provides them with tools, skills, and insights helpful in building or enriching their own leadership and growing in the business world, observing it from a concrete and realistic point of view. This is thanks to a mix of practical and theoretical activities, of academia and enterprise, that makes Bologna Business School a hub of managerial training excellence.


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