Industry 4.0 with Riccardo Luna

22 November 2016

“Digital is not just about digital, it regards everything. Digital is culture.” Riccardo Luna, Director of the Italian Agency of Journalism, has thus opened the fall edition of the Innovation Talks in Villa Guastavillani.

“What has changed for real? Everything has changed. E-skills are a pre-requisite that everyone should have in order to continue to be competitive on the market and not to become an outcast. ” The words of Riccardo Luna in the present scenario.

Italy was the fourth country in the world, after Norway, UK and Germany, to connect with the transmission of the first data packet on April 30, 1986. The Italian Internet Day, the day when we celebrate the arrival of the Internet in our country: the first “ping” came from the Cnuce in Pisa which connected itself to the Arpanet.

In 2014 the “non-Internet-users” were 23 million. Figure that has become 22 million in 2015 and that makes us the fourth from last place in Europe for Internet connections.

Internet comes into our lives on January 9, 2007 in San Francisco with Steve Jobs’ presentation of the first smartphone. “He reinvented the phone. He has revolutionized the world “.

“Weapon of mass construction, because it allows you to put projects on the internet and make them proliferate.” It is the definition that Luna gives about the web. “Digital is immaterial, not unreal. It is a language capable of producing material products. Makers and FabLab: terms that are part of a revolution, that of the possibility of building the foundations of the manufacturing future inside a garage. Not only cases from the Silicon Valley. It is te case of Arduino: an Italian card with which to build intelligent projects in time, made by talented teenagers, from creative experimenters. From projects like this the first 3D printers were born, the tools par excellence capable of transforming “digital immaterial” in objects.

The makers are the basis of the Industry 4.0: Young people who have laid the foundation for innovative projects, mostly open source, that is open to the contributions of those who are able to improve the project. Italy must come to realize, according to Luna, that apart from industrial investments, government tax breaks, we must enhance the digital youth culture. Learn how to use the tools at their best. The suggestion is to realize their ideas without necessarily waiting for a sign on the part of politics and public administration.

In 2014 Riccardo Luna was nominated Digital Champion for Italy, Ambassador of digital culture appointed by the EU to disseminate technological knowledge.

There are so many ideas that Riccardo Luna has given us, certainly to urge Italy to innovate is one of the strongest messages coming to our students and to our entire Community.



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