The new Global MBA track in Automation and Robotics is coming

23 December 2019

“The  track in Automation and Robotics of the Global  MBA of Bologna Business School emerges from a strong demand of the industrial fabric that is struggling to find specific profiles from ad hoc training”, says Maurizio Sobrero, Scientific Director of the Master, which underlines how to approach this specialization are those who “wants to give a practical look to the numbers”.
Managers must be able to find the right meeting point between innovation and tradition, creating a union between the digitalization process and management strategies.
This is why the new track of Bologna Business School combines technical and business aspects to revolutionize traditional business models.

“A Master with a double soul: technique on the one hand and entrepreneurial on the other” defines the new track of the Global MBA in Automation and RoboticsAlberto Regattieri, Scientific Director.

The Industry 4.0 is the process that is integrating new production technologies in companies to speed up work and increase productivity.

“Industry 4.0 brings companies of the future into the present”, says Regattieri. “To achieve sustainable and long-lasting goals, having management and design skills is essential. The Global MBA in Automation and Robotics provides the tools necessary to achieve these factors of excellence”.

The automation sector involves in a popular way the key functions of a company, from marketing, to legal, from logistics to human resources.

Bologna Business School, thanks to the involvement of companies that are part of its business network, can provide students with a cross-sectional view of how automation is modifying the productive and logistic processes of companies.

“Whoever does not have a technical background should not be frightened, what is necessary is to possess the curiosity to work in the world of the future, the interest in taking part in this experience of sharing and professional growth”, concludes the Scientific Director of Sobero.


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