“National Plan Industry 4.0″ Presented by Francesco M. Cuccia

1 December 2016

The third speaker of the fall edition of the Innovation Talks was Francesco M. Cuccia, head of the Technical Secretariat of the Ministry of Economic Development. He talked about initiatives, investments, productivity and innovation in the strategic plan 2017-2020.

Maurizio Sobrero, Professor of Innovation Management at the University of Bologna, has participated as a discussant of the event.

With a brief overview of the evolution of the Industry since the 18th century, starting with the first machines powered by mechanical energy, till today, Dr. Cuccia presented the scenario of the fourth industrial revolution where intelligent machines, interconnected and linked to the internet are now, the actuality.

“The Industry 4.0 is the opportunity that the Italian industry, and not only the manufacturing field, has to grow and meet the needs of the market while maintaining the high quality, but with the costs of the large distribution” were the words of Francesco Cuccia with which he recounted to the BBS Community the strategic plan that the Boston Consulting Group and the Ministry of Economic Development will carry out from 2017 to 2020.

Host of the event was Francesco Ubertini, Rector of the University of Bologna.



Francesco M. Cuccia dealt with development and implementation of strategic projects, in Italy, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, and the USA interacting with top management of client companies and coordinating the activities of the project team between internal and external BCG resources. He was a key member of BCG’s Global Procurement Network, with the responsibility to contribute to the development of specific knowledge in purchasing and production processes.


The Innovation Talks are organized in collaboration with Philip Morris Italy.


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