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The Hybrid MBA provides the necessary tools and skills to quickly empower the process of professional growth at an international level thanks to a flexible format that bridges online and on-campus attendance.

More than ever before, the social, technological, and economic transformations we are experiencing, create opportunities for an innovative learning journey, able to transfer tools to decode changes underway.

Participation in the online didactic sessions allows you to combine study with work and family life, avoiding significant transport time and costs. The on-campus Smart Week enables you to strengthen the value of interaction with classmates and faculty, thanks to company visits organized with prestigious industry champions partners of Bologna Business School and to a marathon called Hackathon regarding innovation topics.

To support personal development, Mentoring sessions will be held by a top-level executive.

The Hybrid MBA consists of 12 core courses and 3 cross-cutting courses and it is a learning journey that stands out thanks to cutting edge courses such as Managing Luxury IndustriesAutomation & Robotics, and Entrepreneurship, through which it is possible to acquire tools and skills useful to manage innovations linked to excellences characterizing Made in Italy. Furtherly, the program also features people management driven characteristics, thanks to the cross-cutting course in Managing Hybrid OrganizationsMentoring sessions, and Leadership Talks, deep-dive meetings held by experts and thought leaders, to understand how new global challenges are transforming the tools and skills required to manage change within organizations in every function, from operations to marketing, from management accounting to ICT.

The master features an innovative formula. The didactic sessions take place:

  • Every Week, on Wednesday and Friday evening
  • Every 3 Weeks (approximately) on Saturday morning

Each didactic session lasts about 4 hours.

This allows you to optimize your time thanks to short and effective online sessions. Furtherly, the 5 days of on-campus Smart Week that will take place one month before the end of the Master, will enable networking opportunities thanks to hands-on activities too with industry champions such as Ducati, Lamborghini, Marchesini, IMA, AGF88, YNAP (they may change in cases of force majeure).

Attending the Hybrid MBA means developing your professional career in a flexible and innovative way, combining work and private life.



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October 2023








The Hybrid MBA gives the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge businesses through the on-campus Smart Week, Leadership Talks and events dedicated to the BBD community, for which it has been designed a dedicated platform that enable interaction among Alumni and current participants.

Compatible with work commitments, the program is extremely ambitious and allows companies to develop the skills of their managers. The specific focus on leadership, management of execellence and of hybrid organization and the Mentoring path, helps you to bring back into your company innovative skills and stimuli.

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Master in

Hybrid MBA English Edition

Invest in an experience that will change your life.Enter your name, last name, e-mail and download the brochure.

Master in

Hybrid MBA English Edition

Invest in an experience that will change your life.Enter your name, last name, e-mail and download the brochure.