Hybrid MBA. A pioneering year, in the name of innovation

16 December 2021

The first edition (first Intake) of the Hybrid MBA ended last Saturday, with the conclusive smart-week on campus.

The BBS Executive Master with an innovative formula, designed to meet the needs of those looking for a high-level training and an optimal work-life balance, represents a new frontier in the sector. It merges, in fact, online educational sessions and two on-campus smart-weeks to meet and consolidate networking with colleagues and with the industry champions involved in the project.

Flexibility and innovation are, therefore, the words that best describe this path, while “pioneers” can be defined the students who chose it 13 months ago, as underlined by Franco Visani, Scientific Director of the Master, who took leave by the group with these words:

“An innovative path began a year ago, in terms of form and structure. A hybrid path with an important goal: to combine the flexibility of online with the interaction of physical presence. It has been a year of great commitment and dedication both on our part and on the part of the students, to ensure that this path brought the desired results. At the end of the first edition, we can say that the hybrid version of the MBA is no longer an experiment, but a reality that cannot be ignored, just as organizations can no longer ignore the need for hybrid work. I want to sincerely thank the “pioneers” of this first edition. They invested in us and we invested in them. Our investment has certainly paid off in terms of educational and human experience. I hope theirs is too or it will be soon “.

Visani’s words are echoed by those of our Alumni, to whom we asked to tell us how it feels to be pioneers in a path that, even when it takes place on the tracks of traditional formulas, is always very demanding. We were answered by Luca Venturi, Country Sales Manager Italy for Langmatz Gmbh, and Cristina Agresta, Accounting Coordinator at Nexive.

“We embarked on a journey like the MBA with the smile of the righteous and the courage of the foolish, as I like to say, in the uncertainty of the pandemic. But perhaps for this very reason, the commitment and effort of the Master were what helped me most of all to keep the bar straight” said Luca, who added: “Being the first was not an issue, because the hybrid formula was the perfect choice in this historical moment, so much so that other business schools have made similar choices, offering similar paths”. And for those who will come later, Luca advises to “Aim with ambition for the MBA goal, but enjoy the journey, which is what in the end you will miss”  Especially if that journey takes place in Bologna Business School : “In my experience it is difficult in other contests to have a high level of humanity, and to find attention, from all staff and colleagues”. His words to define the Hybrid MBA? Modern, inspiring and complete.

“I’m proud to have been part of the Hybrid MBA pioneering team” echoes Cristina. “This journey”, she says, “was a wonderful adventure and it’s nice to think that we have paved the way for those who will come”. Her advice for them? “To go with it without thinking too much, because the investment will certainly have a return on a human and professional level. Studying in BBS has been truly an extraordinary experience, which has given me a lot, in every moment, also thanks to Eugenio Sidoli‘s Mentoring lessons, which have been a great added value “. She agrees the Hybrid MBA is a modern, stimulating and complete Master, which she lived “with great enthusiasm and curiosity, learning what it means to be a team in the various group works in which we ventured during the course”. For Cristina, the Master became the travel companion of a more special experience: “I lived my pregnancy during the Master and I became a mother in September. I’ve always had the support of the Director, the staff, the Faculty and of my classmates and if I have reached the end of this exciting journey it is also thanks to all of them.”


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