Human Resource Manager: the “control room” of business.

4 October 2016

In an era of increasingly fast and radical skill transformations HR is becoming a strategic role within companies.

Thinking that the Human Resources and Organization department of a company simply recruits candidates for the team is, to say the least, an outdated concept. The reality is that the HR expert must be proficient in and be able to “handle” on the field several disciplines.

“I would have never thought that the HR world could change so quickly and profoundly” writes Laura Innocente, Senior Consultant Talent & Reward at Willis Towers Watson“The digital media are transforming the way in which organizations and people work together and, as such, the way in which the company staff is trained.

HR is not a hobby for people with common sense. It’s a profession that requires specific skills that are becoming more and more complex and sought after” explains Francesco Bianco, Regional HR Director, Europe at Vodafone “We must strive to have great leaders in HR, in the same way we are used at having them in Marketing, Finance or IT. HR no longer simply concerns negotiations and administrative skills. It’s the art of moulding the organization we operate in analysing the way in which the organization individual parts work and interact as a whole: people, structure, systems, culture, skills, strategy”.

Thus HR has become the “control room” to figure out the skills that are really necessary in the organization and how to integrate them so that they work together as smoothly as possible.

The Human Resources & Organization Master‘s of Bologna Business School includes 15 courses and also features, in addition to workshops and company project works, a period of internship of at least 3 months for businesses and consulting companies in Italy and abroad. The faculty comprises qualified professors from international universities and businesses. Managers join the classes to illustrate the most riveting business case studies in different industries.

“I attended one of the first Master’s organized by BBS, back in 2001. That decision was fundamental for my career because it allowed me to meet leading professors and entrepreneurs who successfully applied the models studied during the Master’s. The HRO Master’s offers the same formula adding a multicultural environment and an international flair” says Giovanni Papa, Relationship Manager at Linkedin.

“The HR & Organization Master’s at BBS is an occasion for students to live in a multicultural environment, to learn new HR models and innovative tactics from industry professionals” adds Alessandro Zollo, CEO of Great Place to Work Italy. “We hired many people who had attended this course. We always found enthusiastic, open-minded and proactive young professionals, ready to work and to go on learning.” These words confirm that companies are now aware that the HR figure is undergoing a transformation. From being a support to the company, to an increasingly strategic, complex and decisive managerial role. And one in great demand.



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