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People are at the heart of company dynamics, being able to work together has thus become one of the most important skills to develop.

The course provides the tools to improve empathy and the ability to relate to people, in a way suitable to the relevance that these two aspects play for the growth of organizations.

We help people become more aware of their potential and be more effective in their relationships. We offer knowledge and experiences to improve self-knowledge, the knowledge of the dynamics operating within relationships, in order to be more compelling in the work activity and in everyday life.

A modern teaching approach, with direct applications, based on experiences, simulations, games cannot but focus on the active listening skills and the skills connected to the development of empathy and understanding. 

Investing in the development of these skills has important consequences for the entire company: relationships are managed with more harmony, better internal communication, more motivated and productive people.

The course offers the possibility to make use of an individual journey to process, in a personal and targeted way, what emerges from each single module.

The program consists of 6 modules, that is 12 days over 6 weekends (Fridays and Saturdays). Learning is enriched by an experience-based approach, with classroom simulations of real-life situations and immediate feedback by the teaching staff. The sessions will deal with all the aspects of interpersonal communication: relationships, motivation and directions. It is also possible to attend individual modules, choosing which aspects you wish to study more in depth.

To improve your ability to understand and lead the others, get in contact with the course director. We’ll start by listening to you.

Massimo Franceschetti

Massimo Franceschetti

Director of Education

" Let your group grow so that your company can grow. A program for all those who wish to manage their work team at best. For those who already do it and wish to improve their personal effectiveness and for those who desire their career to grow in the company. "


A training organized in modules that can be attended separately or as an articulated path that allows to acquire different skills with different and complementary methods. Participating in the complete course will allow you to acquire more and more in-depth skills.

The course is structured in 12 days of 6 weekends of two days each (Friday and Saturday).

Each module is organized in 5 parts, differently managed by each teacher: theoretical partexperiential part, synthetic part, testimonial part and finally applicative part.


The modules are:

  • Change Management: how to manage organizational change - 13-14 December 2019
  • Awareness and reflection to action: facing an audience - 10-11 January 2020
  • Team and personal empowerment: how to develop your own and others’ potential - 24-25 January 2020
  • Creativity & Soft Skills - 14-15 February 2020
  • Team Management: getting to know each other in group dynamics  5- 6-7 March 2020
  • Working together: how to collaborate and improvise more effectively - 27-28 March 2020



Learning to face change to make the most of every opportunity: changing is the big challenge of our time, but to do it it’s important to learn to overcome one’s resistances. Through self-knowledge, knowing how the brain works, thanks to neurosciences, it is possible to better understand how to change oneself and why.

Knowing ourselves from the point of view of our body, the first impression we give the others, the way in which we relate to other people, all of this is essential to be able to work together. Understanding who we are and how we are when we face an audience, or our colleagues, is crucial and enlightening. Participants will be invited to become aware of their non-verbal communication, analyzing their way of introducing themselves, of being with an audience.

How to recognize and train human potential features, understanding the different relational styles (passive, aggressive, manipulative and assertive). How to recognize and motivate different behavioral styles according to the Extended DISC method. The situational leadership. How to be efficient in finding strategies identifying the relationship between needs and feelings.

Understanding one’s own behavior within a group to increase one’s skills to relate to others and to be more efficient and effective. Participants will be able to strengthen their presence in the group, improving the quality of their inputs, dissolving concerns and increasing trust to learn how to relate to others sincerely and respectfully.

Understanding what makes people to get on well and what, on the contrary, leads to disagreements can be very helpful in everyday’s life and with colleagues. Understanding how to relate to conflicts and learning to stand them, manage them and, if necessary, go past them.

The aim of this module is understanding how a group works and how the leader and the follower that make it should behave. All our activities are conducted in a group but how does a group work? What allows a group to achieve its shared goals? What allows a group to get on well?

Learning method

The course  includes a mix of assessment, e-learning, classroom, exercises, project work, coaching.


Networking takes place between students in the same class, between participants and teachers as well as with witnesses who can share their experience and their application.


Over the years, our partners have been constantly involved in the various activities that make up the structure of our programs. Companies belonging to our network participate in project work and master classes; they actively contribute to introducing guest speakers and organizing company visits. Our partners are our first supporters: they sponsor various scholarships, host internships for students and provide professional opportunities for graduates.


The partner companies of Bologna Business School are:

Aeroporto G. Marconi Assicoop Bologna Metropolitana Automobili Lamborghini Bologna Fiere Brevini Power Transmission Camera di Commercio di Bologna Camera di Commercio di Ferrara Camera di Commercio di Forlì-Cesena Camera di Commercio di Modena Camera di Commercio di Rimini Camst Carpigiani Group Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna Confcommercio Emilia Romagna Confindustria Emilia Romagna Coswell Datalogic Ducati Motor Holding Enel Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Expert System Falorni Fastweb Ferrarelle Ferrari Ferretti Group Finalma Fondazione Carisbo Fondazione Cassa Risparmio Cesena Fondazione Cassa Risparmio di Cento Fondazione Cassa Risparmio di Imola Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Carpi Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ferrara Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo Fondazione G. Marconi Fondazione IBM Italia Fondazione Isabella Seràgnoli Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna Fondazione per la Collaborazione tra i Popoli Food Trend Foundation Furla Google Italia Granarolo GroupM Gruppo Coesia Gruppo Sistema H-ART HSPI Haworth Hera Horsa IBM Italia IMA Iconsulting Intesa San Paolo KPMG Advisory Laboratori Guglielmo Marconi Landi Renzo Legacoop Bologna Lighthouse Manutencoop Mape Maps Masai Italia Maserati Microsoft Italia Montenegro N.C.H. Nuovi Cantieri Apuania Olidata Onit Group Opera Santa Maria del Fiore Philip Morris Italia Poltronesofà Regione Emilia-Romagna Ricoh S.E.C.I. Gruppo Industriale Maccaferri SAP SCS Consulting STMicroelectronics Schneider Electric Seps Technogym Teuco The Boston Consulting Group Toyota Material Handling Italia Trevi Group Umberto Cesari UniCredit Unieuro Unindustria Bologna Unipol Vem Sistemi Veronesi Viabizzuno Videoworks Volvo Car Italia WPP Italia Yoox Net-A-Porter Group


The registration fee for the entire programme is € 4.200 + VAT to be paid by the start date of the course.

It is possible to participate in the individual modules at the price of 1.200 euro + VAT.

The fee includes attendance at the program, all study materials available through the online platform and access to the services of Bologna Business School, which include: Alma personal wi-fi account, use of PCs of the Computer Lab, use of study areas and access to the gym.

A large free car park is available in the school park.

Discounts are available:

for early registrations;
- for Business Network companies;
- for Alma and Profingest Alumni;
- for groups of at least 3 people.



Alumni and companies can check the availability of vouchers at the Interprofessional Fund of reference:

Fondimpresa - for middle managers / middle management
Fondo Dirigenti PMI - for managers of industrial SMEs
Fondirigenti - for managers
Fon.Coop - for cooperative companies







The course is reserved for a maximum of 15 participants.


To register, simply download the registration form and send it by email or fax (051 2090112).


At the end of the course, a participation certificate is issued (upon reaching 80% of classroom hours).
The documents used in the classroom and any further reading or exercises will be uploaded to our platform, whose credentials will be delivered in the classroom.
Should a group of colleagues wish to participate in the program, it is possible to contact the Program Manager to evaluate an ad hoc participation price.
Our short courses do not require a specific course of study. It is important to have a few years of work experience behind you that can help you, inside the classroom, by bringing real cases dealt with and solutions adopted during your work.


Valentina Lodi
Valentina LodiTraining Manager

Phone: +39 051 2090143


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