MBA – Ophera and Gelatopuntozero meet with the Food and Wine class

February 14, 2014

Ophera and Gelatopuntozero meet with the MBA “Food and Wine” 2013/2014 Class

Ophera and Gelatopuntozero meet with the MBA Food and Wine 2013/2014 Class

"The meeting with the consultant company Ophera – together with the owner of Gelatopuntozero - was extremely useful to give us a perspective on how to develop a business in the ice cream industry.

After providing us with information about ice cream’s history and development in the world and the current market situation, exhaustive answers have been given to questions like 'what should the features of a traditional Italian ice cream parlour be?' and 'what are the main issues and problems that one needs to consider before deciding to open one?'

A useful insight on how a traditional Italian ice cream is made has also been provided, as well as an analysis on the different kinds of ice cream consumers, what are their needs and how to satisfy them.

Last but not least, the consulting company showed the traditional set up of a standard ice cream parlour, together with the required equipment and, even more interesting, its cost structure.

The presentation was backed up by an ice cream tasting, kindly offered by a Bolognese ice cream parlour whose concept has been developed with the collaboration of the consultant company Ophera.

This presentation was really helpful and has given us the chance to better understand the dynamics behind ice cream production, providing with useful advices on how to develop such a business."

Riccardo Paterlini (Italy), MBA Food and Wine 2013/2014

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