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Marcello Russo è Ricercatore di Organizzazione Aziendale presso il Dipartimento di Scienze Aziendali dell’Università di Bologna. E’ anche Co-Direttore del Master in Organization & Human Resources. Ha conseguito il Ph.D. in Management nel 2011 presso l’Università degli Studi di Napoli “Parthenope” ed è stato Visiting Scholar nel 2010 presso il Teachers College della Columbia University (New York, USA). Si occupa di Comportamento Organizzativo e le principali aree di ricerca riguardano la conciliazione tra la vita lavorativa e la vita privata, la gestione della diversità linguistica in azienda, la gestione del processo di socializzazione dei neo-assunti in azienda.


The People & Leadership course delves deeper into the most relevant topics for the management of people in the company, in a perspective centered around sustainability and positive relationships. Inspired by the principles of the “Positive Organizational Psychology”, the course provides logics tools to enhance human capital, motivation and team management. Also, the most relevant leadership styles are analyzed, highlighting pros and cons in the context of different, wide-ranging daily situations.

The aim of the course is to enhance students’ awareness of the digital transformation and the changes that this bring in the HR profession. Students will be challenged with the following questions: How is changing the job of a HR professional due to the rise of digital technologies and analytics? What are the competences the HR managers need to develop in order to have a more strategic role in the companies and help their companies to anticipate and manage the transition. Students will also be presented with a framework that will help them to understand the mindset and the necessary steps to implement an analysis project of people in their organization. Moreover, they will be shown how the analytics can help HR managers to improve their decision-making process. The examples will cover the following topics: how could it be measured the impact of the managerial role in the workplace? How can the analysis help to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the recruitment process? Basic and advanced metrics will also be discussed in class.