Italy Associate Professor of Marketing University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Bologna, her research interests concern customer satisfaction, the customer behavior towards services, rescue from disruption and management of enterprises and services, issues with which she worked as a consultant in national and international firms while also publishing articles and books on these topics.


The psychology of the investor and the relationship between consultant and investor. How to schedule meetings and how to submit the Mifid questionnaire. How to understand the customer's needs in relation to his or her life goals.

This course deals with the main decisions that have to be taken when advertising a business online: the tools used to advertise online, the different vendors of advertising, the different buying models for digital advertising space, the advertising targeting techniques and the most relevant KPIs to assess digital advertising performance.

Service Management

INSPIRATIONAL AND MOTIVATIONAL SESSIONS - In manufacturing companies, the service component is growing. Service management has therefore quickly acquired a new relevancy: in any business it is necessary to analyze the relationship with customers, measure their satisfaction, carefully design the components of the service, and predict the purchasing behavior of the consumer. Moreover, service is "live" and “direct” just like the way we communicate, management and leadership. To design, implement and manage activities in a direct way there is only one solution: people first. The workshop covers the evolution of service management, touching on specific aspects including customer satisfaction and quality systems.