Italy Full Professor of Corporate Finance University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Stefano Mengoli is Full Professor of Corporate Finance at the University of Bologna. His field of research mainly regards the subjects of corporate governance, extraordinary corporate finance operations and pricing in the market. He obtained a Ph.D in Finance and Markets at the University of Siena. He was a Visiting Academic at London School of Economics and Visiting Ph.D at the City University Business School of London.


The evaluation of terms of convenience of investment projects. The determination of the value of a company. Understanding fiscal variables that determine the optimal financial structure. Venture capital and the principle problematic characteristics to the value of a company. 

The evaluation of how economically sound a project or investment is, determining the value of a company, understanding the fiscal variables which determine an optimal financial structure. Corporate governance, venture capital and the main issues inherent to the listing of companies on the stock exchange. The functions of the principle derived tools and their use when covering financial risks of the company.

COURSE – The course province the main theoretical tools and methods for evaluating investment decisions of companies, determining the cost in company capital, optimizing the choices in financial structure, evaluating companies, the functions of the main measures for the collection of risk capital and identifying the main relationships of corporate governance and its implications for actual business objectives.