Italy Associate Professor of Political Economics University of Bologna Core Faculty
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He graduated in Economics at the University of Bologna. PhD in Economics at Yale University, PhD in Political Economy, at the University of Bologna. Lecturer and author of international and national publications on macroeconomics and finance. Lecturer at the Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center, alongside research and teaching in the academic field he carries on consulting activity with banks, SGRs in the field of macroeconomics and finance. He has been a permanent consultant to the Central Bank of the Republic of Mongolia since 2014. He is editorĀ for the Corriere di Bologna since 2007.


Alternative funds: Hedge and Hedge Funds. Real Estate Funds. Management, assessment, commission regime and internal liquidity and how to allocate them to a capital. Funds linked to alternative investments, such as art and other types.

Basic elements for building an efficient portfolio. The Media-Variance Model and the Capital Asset Pricing Model: Limits and Effectiveness. Robust portfolio models: Black-Littermann and risk parity. Methodologies and Indicators of Investments and Investment Funds.