Italy Assistant Professor of Economics of Financial Intermediaries University of Macerata Visiting
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Nicoletta Marinelli is Researcher in Economics of Financial Intermediaries at the University of Macerata, where she teaches Derivative Instruments and Financial Risk Management. He holds a PhD in "Economics and Management in Financial Markets and Insurance" at the Polytechnic University of Marche. He has participated in national and international research projects and conventions on issues mainly related to financial behavior observed in conditions of uncertainty and risk, institutional investors and their effect on the value of companies, consumer credit, alternative investments, developing interdisciplinary skills in terms of the application of a "network-oriented" analysis methodology to the observation and understanding of economic-financial phenomena. She is the author of numerous national and international publications.


This course provides an alternative approach to the study of financial markets: behavioral finance. This approach starts with an observation that the assumptions of investor rationality are overwhelmingly contradicted by both psychological research and empirical evidence. The course gives an introduction into this field and includes results from behavioral finance that help to understand many puzzles in traditional finance. The psychology of dealing with automated financial counterparts/advisors as opposed to humans will also be discussed.

The behavior of investors on the market: the reaction in case of stress events. The perception of profitability in relation to the time horizon. The investor's classification in relation to the investment horizon.