Italy Full Professor of Economics and Business Management University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Angelo Manaresi is Professor of Economics and Business at the Department of Management. He obtained a PhD in Economics-Marketing at London Business School in 1993. He is Director of the Master in Business Management, Director of the Department of Management, Bologna branch. His research includes branding, distribution network management and strategic international marketing; he is a consultant in business administration and marketing in different industries. He has been Commissioner of Parmalat SPA and he is a board member at Datalogic Spa.


This course offers a complete overview of the fundamentals of current management issues that will help students to get familiar with concepts that will be deepened in subsequent courses. The course provides students with the understanding of the basic concepts related to managing a company, identifying its functional areas and the tools for decision-making.

The course analyzes various areas of green management and sustainability. The traditional and innovative business models connected to sustainable energy, with cost / incentive analysis, with regard to how companies use these energy sources in Italy and abroad, and to the connection with the general and public electricity distribution networks. The cycle and (re) cycle of materials for packaging, for management and recovery of pet and glass, with analysis of process efficiency. Analysis of the food supply chain, with particular reference to the organic sector.

From business model to marketing operational plan. The basic conceptual and quantitative tools necessary to understand, analyze, and build relationships that a company establishes with its own market: the centrality of the customer, the study of purchasing behavior, the processes of segmentation and positioning, development of new products and diffusion of innovation, pricing decisions, distribution and communication.

CORE COURSE – Il corso ha come riferimento il processo di creazione del valore e intende fornire le conoscenze metodologiche e pratiche sulle attività di costruzione e gestione della marca, nelle sue varie modalità di relazione con il prodotto e con la reputazione aziendale. Nel corso sarà discusso il processo di trasformazione del prodotto in marca e la relazione tra innovazione, sviluppo, gestione del prodotto e consolidamento della marca. Saranno inoltre trattati i temi della generazione e sviluppo di brand equity e dell’esperienza d’acquisto, nonché lo sviluppo e il lancio di nuovi prodotti. Parallelamente il corso affronterà le tematiche di service nelle realtà B2B e B2C.