Italian Smart Manufacturing Project Manager - Schneider Electric Adjunct
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Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering achieved at Politecnico di Torino university (2008). Marco is working in Schneider Electric since November 2008, first as Product Manager for Variable Speed Drives in Industry Marketing organization; in June 2016 he has been appointed Project Manager for Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0, putting the basis in Schneider Electric Italy for this new fundamental technological trend. He is passionate about technological discoveries and happy to learn new subjects; he never gives up and he believes that curiosity and an open-minded attitude are two mandatory characteristics to be profitable and happy in today’s job world.


The main aim of the course is to provide to students the basis of Industrial Automation and to project them towards the so called “fourth industrial revolution”, also known as “Industry 4.0”. Students will understand why connected products, machines and devices are so important in a modern industrial plant and how software is becoming more and more crucial inside a factory to proper manage the stock, production, manufacturing, traceability and maintenance as well.

Being in the middle of the so called “Packaging Valley”, a part of the course will be dedicated to Smart Packaging Machines.

During the course many real Industry 4.0 applications will be shown and presented, together with a wide presentation of connected devices and innovative applications such as Augmented and Virtual Reality and Digital Services Platforms.