Cinti Luciani

Cinti Luciani
Italy Management Consultant SCS Consulting Adjunct
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Andrea Cinti Luciani is Management Consultant, Professor of the Strategy and Academic Coordinator of the MBA Part-time Weekend. He is now a manager at SCS Consulting after having had an experience of a few years as a consultant in the Strategy of Arthur Andersen sector, during which he specialized in analysis subjects and in strategy planning for industrial companies for services and utilities both Italian and foreign. He graduated in Business Economics and that got a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in International Finance at University College Dublin.


The Business Strategy course delves deeper into the company’s decision-making process, the planning approach and the search for the target competitive positioning in changing contexts. It provides logical tools for the understanding of the competitive environment and competitive dynamics, of the value generation process and the role played in this field by the internal resources and expertise and the relationships with other players. 

CORE COURSE - The tools for strategic analysis. Strategy and value creation. Industry analysis and competitive advantage. Analysis of competitors and an enlarged competition model. Resources and skills as essential ingredients of the strategy. The nature and sources of competitive advantage. The strategy of cost leadership and differentiation. Competitive advantage in different market conditions. Value chain and cost analysis. The production system and the value system. Technology and innovation management. Competitive advantage in mature industries.

Il processo decisionale dell’impresa, l’approccio pianificatorio ed il posizionamento strategico. La comprensione dell’ambiente competitivo e delle dinamiche concorrenziali. Il processo di generazione del valore e il ruolo svolto in questo ambito dalle relazioni con altre imprese del business system. L’individuazione, perseguimento e conservazione delle fonti di vantaggio competitivo in contesti mutevoli. La creazione del business model e il suo adattamento all’evoluzione delle condizioni di contesto.

The tools for strategic analysis. Strategy and creation of value. Analysis of the industry, competitive advantage and competitors. The resources and skills essential ingredients of the strategy. The strategy of cost leadership and differentiation. The value chain and cost analysis. The system of assets and the value system. Entrepreneurship and innovation management.