Italy Post-Doc Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor of Corporate Finance University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Giulia Baschieri is Researcher in Business Finance and id Professor (on contract) of Corporate Finance at the University of Bologna. Her interests are mainly asset pricing with regards to the dynamics of territoriality and family firms. In 2012 she got her PhD in markets and intermediates at the University of Bologna. She was a visiting PhD. at the Cass Business School (London) and tutor in different courses at the University of Bologna. For example, Extraordinary Finance and Management of Financial Risks.


The course is intended to provide the conceptual and practical tools for evaluating and maximizing the value of the business. The themes of capital budgeting (investment assessment), company valuation, cost of capital and financial structure will be discussed.

Evaluation of investment projects. Evaluation of international projects. Financial structure. Optimal financial structure. Instability costs. Planning debt. The politics of dividends and stock buyback. Cost of the working capital of the company. The important role of capital and corporate governance.