Italy Assistant Professor of Engineering and Management University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Paolo Barbieri is Assistant Professor of Engineering and Management at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Bologna since 2006. His research mainly focuses on the subjects of value system management, with particular attention to make-or-buy choices, mechanisms in the managing of supplier relations and management of international acquisitions. He collaborates with international and national research groups on these subjects, including Michigan State University, Clarkson Business School, EM Lyon and Southern Denmark University. In the past he has worked as a consultant in the acquisitions and supply chain sector. He is graduated in Managerial Engineering in Bologna, and received his Doctorate in Managerial Engineering in Padua. His work has been published in the Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, Journal of Public Procurement and others. He is co-author of the book “Supply China Management” (Il Mulino).