How to become Wealth Manager: the word to the experts

19 September 2019

Nowadays there are more and more companies in the most diversified sectors that entrust the management of their assets to the Wealth Manager, a figure that has the task of managing resources, taking care of all financial aspects.

Providing efficient advice both on the financial portfolio and on personal, family and corporate assets is therefore confirmed as one of the profiles destined to grow at exponential levels on the current market: the consultants, in addition to knowing how to speak the language of the entrepreneur, are called to be able to activate the necessary relationships with different specialists and experts.

What are the steps to follow to start this profession? To answer this question we left the word to Azimut, the leading independent financial company in the Italian market, present in 18 countries, has over 220 thousand customers assisted in Italy by 1,800 financial consultants and wealth managers.

According to Azimut, who makes Wealth Management one of his flagships, training, coaching and field experience are fundamental aspects for all those who intend to specialize in the profession. A particularly specific and at the same time selective path is therefore necessary, which requires the consultant high interdisciplinary skills useful to interface with a medium-high market.

The Wealth Manager, a natural evolution of private and investment banking, responds to the needs of a private or institutional clientele that regardless of the prevailing orientation (whether it is a corporate, retail or commercial bank, etc.) know how to find and propose a set of services related to taxation, generational change, property management, art advisory and much more. “The Master in Wealth Management provides access to the profession of Financial Consultant, providing the specialist knowledge required for enrollment in the register – explains Massimiliano Marzo, Scientific Director of the Master BBS – Furthermore, the content of the course prepares for the exam to acquire the certification EFPA (European Financial Planning Association), an unprecedented opportunity in Italy. For those wishing to access professions in the banking sector this course represents an exceptional opportunity not to be missed”.

The program proposed by Bologna Business School is aimed at young graduates who aspire to become financial consultants and operate within banks, insurance companies, consultancy firms, real estate brokerage agencies or in the practice of liberal professions.

Among the official partners of the Master, a front row role is occupied by Azimut, which has a project dedicated to the millennials aimed at expanding its staff through the involvement of neo-specialized profiles. “Young people will be able to count on experienced professionals who will support them in their growth”, says Paolo Martini, Managing Director and General Manager of Azimut Holding “thanks also to an international development strategy with the aim of offering unique services and products. For the only part of Wealth Management in the last six years, around 130 professionals have been included; the Millennials project has over 70 young people with whom we program the rejuvenation of our network while bringing the customers of the future with greater ease, all to arrive at the end of the year with 100-130 new colleagues”.

A profession rich in opportunities, to which it aspires following a targeted training, of international and interdisciplinary scope, guaranteed by a team composed of academics, visiting professor, guest speaker and top manager. Consult the program of the Master in Wealth Management to find yourself prepared for the new challenges of an evolving sector.


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