How to Become a Food and Beverage Manager

21 December 2023

The Food and Beverage Manager is a new professional profile related to the Horeca sector. It’s responsible for all activities related to this commodity category in companies or hotels with particularly high levels of service and complexity. Its main role is the management of the entire food and beverage supply chain: thanks to managerial skills, the F&B Manager plans the budget, follows the procurement of raw materials, checks their quality and costs, and is in charge of personnel management.

This is a complex job, to run the business efficiently and ensure a level of service in line with the image of the accommodation facility or company.

To become a Food and Beverage Manager, one needs a solid education and experience in the business. A background in disciplines such as hotel management, gastronomy and marketing is a must. It requires technical skills, such as knowledge of food industry practices, safety regulations, quality control, stock management, and customer service. A relevant plus is knowledge of as many foreign languages as possible.

The study paths that address these issues are, at Bologna Business School, several: from the Global MBA Food&Wine to the Business Management Food&Wine Professional Master, the plus offered by BBS to its students is its strategic location. The school was founded in Bologna and has its roots in Emilia-Romagna, a land of food and wine excellence and great tradition in hotel and restaurant hospitality. One example for all is Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana, which is at the top of the rankings of the world’s best restaurants and is located in Modena.

Most of all, the F&B Manager must have strong managerial skills marked by an open-minded attitude, a well-rounded approach, and strong problem-solving skills.

The F&B Manager must be able to withstand stress and develop leadership skills to manage heterogeneous teams and deal with constantly evolving situations. Skills that Bologna Business School‘s higher education programs address in all its Master’s programs.

Prestigious restaurants, top hotels, resorts, caterers, cruises, and companies are the destinations of the F&B Manager. Its presence is essential to ensure proper service organization to maintain consistent high-quality standards.

The skills that Bologna Business School can offer to those who follow one of its master’s degrees dedicated to Food and Beverage are the ability to analyze and enhance the excellence of the agri-food sector, thinking and developing the strategies necessary to maintain the high quality of products with a view to international expansion; the ability to manage the fragmentation of supply chains and high managerial training.

The career opportunities of this managerial figure are broad: apex roles in facilities (hotel manager), and open positions all over the world, thanks to the continuous growth of the sector. Then, the path of those entering this profession often culminates in the opportunity to open their own business, thanks to the technical knowledge and enormous network of contacts that this type of profile acquires quickly.

Beginning one’s education in an area with a very high density of hospitality and high-end agribusiness production is essential: Bologna is the strategic city to learn from market leaders and Bologna Business School is the best pass to the business world in Luxury Food And Beverage.


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