How to reinvent what has already been invented? Lamami: a successful balance between tradition and innovation.

11 February 2015

In the course “Brand Communication & Reputation Management”, held by Alberto Fraticelli, Marketing and Communication Manager at Lotto Sport, Andrea Girolami provided a presentation of his company “Due Ancore” and the “Lamami” project. Due Ancore is one of the Italian leaders in the cutlery sector. Founded in 1885 in Maniago, a small town near Pordenone, the company now specializes in the production of designer cutlery. Many of its products are present in specialized stores all around the world. In the last few years, Andrea Girolami invented a new project called “Lamami”. The concept behind “Lamami” is that of creating knives with an innovative design, maintaining the incomparable style of “Made in Italy” products.

Maniago is the “city of knives”. It is a small city located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region in Northeastern Italy, between the Adriatic Sea and the Dolomite mountains. It dates back to the Roman period and in subsequent years the territory was under the reign of the Venetian Republic and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The city is renowned all over the world fot its production of knives, an enterprise which started around the 15th century due to its proximity to the city of Venice.

The “Made in Italy” brand has become a synonym for luxury and high quality. The success obtained by Italian companies specialized in fashion, food and beverage has its roots in an incomparable tradition within this sector. The MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods and the MBA in Food and Wine keep the pace with an ever evolving market, which has maintained a strong bond with the past.


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