Heritage, innovation, and excellence: the ingredients of Italian higher education.

1 October 2017

Italy is famous in the world for being the land of art, good food, design and mechanics. Part of the value which makes these sectors representative of the entire country is provided by their historical significance: as a matter of fact each of them bears witness to a heritage of customs whose roots are to be found in centuries of history.

The value of the Italian tradition can be seen first and foremost in the strength of its innumerable historical companies, one of the reasons that explains why the territories where they are located developed they way they did. Differently from these enterprises, that over time have acquired a prestige that is renowned all over the world, the new Italian businesses must tackle the challenge of balancing the legacy, the value of tradition with the ability of constantly innovating, staying on par with the evolution of the markets.

In this sense Italy is an exemplary country, used as a model by those who analyze the way in which history and heritage are not only able to coexist with innovation, but they are sources of inspiration for innovation itself as well.

There’s a region in particular that features on its territory a large number of markedly innovative companies: Emilia Romagna. Here, unique synergies have come to exist between entrepreneurs and the political and cultural institutions, particularly the University of Bologna. The Alma Mater Studiorum is the oldest University of the Western world, founded in 1088. The city of Bologna has always benefited from the presence of this institution, it has become a magnet for students from all over the world and its culture has been enriched thanks to these foreign inputs. In the latest decades too the University of Bologna has promoted important European initiatives: the Magna Charta Universitatum Europaeum was signed here in 1988, restating the unbreakable link between didactic activity and research, thus rejecting the limits imposed by geographical or political barriers. The Bologna Declaration dates back to 1999, its aim being to restructure the university systems in a homogeneous way, so to create a common European area of higher education.

The results speak for themselves: many students, from Europe and outside Europe as well, choose Bologna for their studies. Students of the business and marketing sector, in particular, find in Bologna the perfect formula, combining theory and practice. If on the one hand they can avail themselves of the education provided by one of the most important universities in the world, on the other, they can benefit from workshops and internships promoted by businesses.

BBS is a concrete example of the successful combination of tradition and innovation: in the amazing atmosphere of a 16th century villa, located on the hills overlooking Bologna, students from all over the world can work with a Faculty made up of university professors, managers and businessmen.

The courses taught in English at the Bologna Business School feature, first of all, the Global MBA and several Full-Time Master’s courses. All syllabi are compiled to allow participants accessing the contemporary labor market, with a specific attention to train key professional figures in the field of digital business: the three tracks of the Digital Technology Management Master’s (Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Digital Project Management) provide the technical skills that are necessary to manage new technologies and the fundamental managerial skills to hold decision-making positions.

The Marketing, Communication and New Media Master‘s meets companies’ growing needs as they increasingly invest in online marketing and advertising to improve customer relationships and attract new ones. The HR & Organization Master‘s objective is to prepare graduates of all disciplines to handle the issues of organizational planning and the challenges of managing human resources in multicultural contexts. Finally, the Data Science Master‘s is for those who are interested in the world of data analysis, through a sound IT training, in understanding technological aspects and developing awareness of corporate dynamics.



The students who choose to spend the years of their higher education in Bologna, besides benefiting from an education that has a track record proven by almost one thousand years of history, enjoy the pleasure of residing in a city located in a strategic position as for communication with the most important Italian cities (high speed trains link Bologna to Milan in one hour, Florence in 35 minutes, Rome in just over two hours, and Venice is only 90 minutes away).Its airport also offers easy and fast connections to all main European destinations.

Bologna is a vibrant city, for all tastes: from cinema to music, from art to nature, without forget the food.


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