[book] An Italian in New York: Fabio Parasecoli

28 November 2014

We are pleased to have as part of our Faculty Fabio Parasecoli, head of the department of Food Studies at the New School in New York.

In his new book, “A History of food in Italy” explains why such courses are becoming more and more common in American universities.

A abstract from his book:

“Spaghetti with meatballs, fettuccine alfredo, margherita pizzas, ricotta and parmesan cheeses — we have Italy to thank for some of our favorite comfort foods. Home to a dazzling array of wines, cheese, breads, vegetables, and salamis, Italy has become a mecca for foodies who flock to its pizzerias, gelateries, and family-style and Michelin-starred restaurants. Taking readers across the country’s regions and beyond in the first book in Reaktion’s new Foods and Nations series, Al Dente explores our obsession with Italian food and how the country’s cuisine became what it is today.”

Fabio Parasecoli



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