Hirak Ghosh, Global MBA in Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports

2 April 2020

Hirak Ghosh worked as Brand Diversification Project Management at Ferrari, after attending the Global MBA in Supercar, Superbike and Motorsports of Bologna Business School.

“After graduating in London in Business Administration, Management and Operations – he said – I approached the retail, luxury and entertainment sectors, gaining experience in the sales, strategic planning and business development sectors. Thanks to BBS I had the opportunity to join the Maranello team, the most powerful and beloved brand in the world, and dream of millions of professionals like me. I am grateful to BBS for allowing me to turn my desire into reality forever”.

Strengths of the Master

For me, BBS Global MBA was not only a Management path but a highly professional opportunity to explore an intercultural environment and to create a network of high-level contacts. The Professors of my track are among the best professionals in the sector, such as Ferrari’s Executive Director, Ducati’s Marketing Director, Dallara’s CEO and Lamborghini’s top managers, big names with a very friendly approach. In addition to classroom lessons, we were able to visit numerous companies and participate in the analysis of successful case histories related to the most famous Motor Valley brands in the world.

Tips for a future BBS student

It is up to each participant to take advantage of the innumerable opportunities generated by the BBS Global MBA program: therefore I recommend absorbing as many stimuli and ideas during lessons, company visits and lectures, but at the same time not to underestimate the advantages of living in an environment international for 12 months. I learned a lot from my classmates, thanks to the various project works and activities included in the program. In particular, the 2018-2019 Global MBA class in Supercar, Superbike and Motorsports, of which I was fortunate to be part, was the perfect example of globalization, thanks to students from over 20 countries, each with their background and professional experience. A unique opportunity, which allowed me to improve my knowledge and to understand people from distant cultures. I was able to experience the “cross-cultural behavior”, a very important skill for managers.

Hirak Ghosh – India

Global MBA in Supercar, Superbike and Motorsports – Class 2018/2019


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