4 March 2022

Passion, exclusivity, interdisciplinarity, and internationality, the pillars of the Bologna Business School, are the foundations of a strong membership feeling, embracing faculty, alumni, and students. When these come together when they interact and share their experiences, careers, and specializations, a true and solid community flourishes.

BBS’s focus on networking, on connecting knowledge and people, has led to the birth of a strong Community made up of faculty, students and alumni, business partners, and stakeholders.

Positive interaction between people who share the ambition to train themselves to improve society is the key factor of an expanding community, which connects experiences and people, whose exchange spreads new knowledge and contacts.

Increasing the professional network means improving competencies and expanding opportunities for professional growth. The continuous exchange with an educational institution adds value to the study experience at BBS. The program does not end with the end of the classes but continues when the young professionals and managers, trained by our School, get into the working world and bring their experience and knowledge back home with us.

The BBS Alumni Community Portal, a digital platform dedicated to all students, Alumni, and Faculty of Bologna Business School, has been designed with this in mind. An interactive, free and secure space where alumni can meet each other, join exclusive initiatives, organize virtual events and propose content. There are areas dedicated to focus groups linked to projects initiated inside and outside the BBS, to the search for master colleagues and new contacts. A place for growth that is enriched through networking opportunities, webinars, peer-mentoring, exclusive events, private workshops.

In the BBS Community, the Alumni Association, an association dedicated to the more than 10000 BBS Alumni from all over the world, puts the alumni in contact with the School to share ideas, knowledge, and know-how. Meeting classmates and getting to know the alumni from different countries enhances personal growth, always within the values shared by all of us. By bringing together backgrounds and experiences from all over the world, the Alumni Association aims to guide, support, and enhance the growth of the BBS Community.

Through the Association, Alumni are directly involved in the life of the School at all levels: the Chairman of the Alumni Association Board, indeed, is a member of the BBS Board of Directors.

The Community is also a tool to support the School’s teaching activities, which provides its students and teachers with spaces for learning and communication, which offers interaction with all those who feel united by a spirit of belonging to our community. Moreover, it is a way to actively participate in the life of the School, in its present and its future, because the participants in the Community are the real hosts. Of our House, which is Bologna Business School.


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