Green Management and Sustainable Businesses – Job Positions

Sustainability Analyst: Analysis and Implementation of Sustainable Practices

The Sustainability Analyst plays a key role in the analysis and implementation of sustainable practices within an organisation. Through the assessment of environmental, social and economic impacts, he or she provides crucial data for developing and improving sustainability-oriented corporate strategies.


ESG Consultant: Consulting for Environmental, Social and Governance Practices

The ESG Consultant specialises in consulting on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. He works with companies to develop and implement sustainable practices, providing expert advice on how to integrate ESG considerations into business decisions.


Corporate Social Responsibility Manager: Managing Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

The Corporate Social Responsibility Manager is responsible for defining and managing corporate social responsibility initiatives. From developing community projects to promoting sustainable initiatives, he or she works to integrate social responsibility into business operations, contributing to community well-being and corporate sustainability.


Marketing Manager in B Corp Companies: Promoting Sustainability

The Marketing Manager in a B Corp leads the promotion of sustainability. Focusing on ethical and environmental strategies, he manages transparent campaigns that communicate the company’s commitments to sustainability. By enhancing sustainable efforts, he or she contributes to the overall mission of the company.