Global MBA in Supercars, Superbikes, Motorsports: passion and motors

27 March 2023

Alpha Tauri, Dallara, Ducati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Marelli and Maserati are the names of some of the BBS partner companies and are the symbols that move the passion of millions of people around the world. These brands tell the story of a land, the Emilia-Romagna Motor Valley, which is able to bring together the history of motorsports and be the hub of a global market with inestimable value. Liberty Media, the owner of Formula 1, had a turnover of 2.4 billion euros in 2022, up from 2 billion in 2021 mainly thanks to the U.S. market, while Formula E has reached 170 million (, March 3, 2023). The economic spin-off produced by the competitions boasts respectable data: the Formula E 2022 e-Prix in Rome alone generated revenues of 70 million euros, with 7400 professionals employed, more than 20 thousand people in the stands and grandstands, and about 40 million viewers from 180 countries (RomaToday, April 10, 2022).

And there is more than just sports: Emilia-Romagna is home to companies that not only thrill fans with motorcycle and car races, but also produce luxury cars and motorcycles, true cult objects exported all over the world, and that require very high-profile professionals. Innovation, technology, and sustainability are key characters in the ongoing growth of a market that will be changed by a historic turning point: the transition from the internal combustion engine to the electric engine, which is already the subject of legislation in Europe and will soon concern the entire transportation sector.

The 12-month full-time, English-language Global MBA in Supercars, Superbikes, Motorsports is the perfect curriculum for those who dream of breaking into the top automotive ranks. It offers direct contact with the most important companies in the world of motorsports, the opportunity to carry out your internship in these historic firms, and an exclusive training path, directed by a Program Advisory Committee made up of executives from the most important companies in the industry.

Passion, design, transformation. These keywords are the pillars of a Global MBA that aims to create highly qualified and in-demand professionals capable of growing in an industry undergoing rapid transformation and in an extremely competitive sports world.

Attending the Global MBA in Supercars, Superbikes, Motorsports in Emilia-Romagna, the land where passion for motors has become a worldwide business, is the plus that only Bologna Business School can offer to those who dream of a growth path able to transform their passion into a real opportunity.


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