Global MBA in AI and Manufacturing: Italian business leaders seek international expertise

26 April 2023

In today’s business world, innovation is the watchword: markets demand AI, automation and skills to manage new technologies.

In Bologna Business School’s Global MBA AI and Manufacturing curriculum, technology skills are closely integrated with manager’s soft skills.

Skills are the global currency of 21st-century economies. To stay on top in an evolving market, new skills need to be developed; the must for contemporary business is to update one’s professional profile.

In Italy, the applied new technology sector is one of the best-positioned fields of activity compared to global competitors: automation and AI are one of the flagships of the experience of Italian and, even more so, Emilian companies. This development is initiated by the collaboration between entrepreneurship and schools of higher education: 10 Tecnopoli in Emilia-Romagna promotes the innovation of both established and emerging industries. Manufacturing companies in many sectors, including automation and packaging, can benefit from collaboration with highly specialized scientific areas, such as Bologna’s Tecnopolo. 6,000 square meters dedicated to research, laboratories and with the latest generation of instrumentation, including the Leonardo supercomputer, among the top 5 most powerful computers in the world, capable of guaranteeing 80% of Italy’s and 20% of Europe’s computing capacity.

In Emilia’s Data Valley, Bologna Business School’s 12-month, full-time, English-language Global MBA AI and Manufacturing is the ideal answer to the growing request for industry-specific and, at the same time, transversal skills to equip companies with managers able to bring together different technical areas and capable of managing the most innovative processes.

Manufacturing Quality Technician, Supplier Quality Lead, and Quality Engineer are positions requested by a market in which Italian companies are among the best global players. The answer is BBS-made know-how, offered by leading companies in different market sectors and partners of Bologna Business School.

These are the pillars of a winning training path grounded in deep technical education, managerial skills and knowledge of strategy, finance and communication: the key to becoming a leader in the Italian and global market.


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