Global MBA. BBS scholarships for new students

24 August 2020

Bologna Business School presents partial or full coverage scholarships for those who choose to attend one of our Global MBAs.

One of the strengths of BBS is the close collaboration with companies, which allows us, among other things, to offer our most deserving students full or partial funding for their studies.

The Global MBA at Bologna Business School is currently funded with 4 scholarships:

• 35,000 euros (total coverage)
• 20,000 euros (partial coverage)
• 15,000 euros (partial coverage)
• 10,000 euros (partial coverage)

The application for scholarships is automatic and occurs at the same time as registration is completed. The assignment is based on the scores obtained in the selection phase.

We invite you to consult our website to stay up-to-date and contact the GMBA department for further information.

Global MBA:


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