Global MBA and EFMD Program: an how to ensure an entrance into business world as a major player

10 May 2023

EFMD was founded in 1972 as a global nonprofit organization, led by its own members and dedicated to accrediting the best Business Schools and the most efficient educational excellence programs.

With a network of 30000 business and management professionals from academies and companies, EFMD is the leading organization in the global approach to management education. It is a network of Schools and companies that want to train managers who can play leading roles in companies that are socially responsible and embedded in a network rooted in ideas of Excellence, Community, Impact and Purpose.

By promoting continuous quality improvement through accreditation, EFMD helps its members to achieve strategic goals and to benchmark themselves with the best global players, ensuring the establishment of an open and collaborative community capable of positively impacting society to address major ecological, social, economic and governance challenges.

Bologna Business School is among the very few schools of higher education accredited by EQUIS and EFMD Quality Improvement System, an international guarantee of excellence in education. As part of this exclusive network of Best Schools, BBS designs its Global MBAs to be a springboard for students and young managers to achieve leading positions in global business.

Bologna Business School is proud to be part of the 1% of EQUIS- and EFMD -accredited Schools of Excellence and challenges itself each year by submitting its courses for EFMD reaccreditation, a complex and rigid path that becomes a guarantee of excellence in an exclusive and global network.

Attending a BBS Global MBA means entering into a Community that includes the whole world and expands through the sharing of topics and methods aimed at translating the learning of managerial best practices into concrete and expendable knowledge, organized to simultaneously improve the companies you work for and the world you live in. The best guarantee that a higher education institute can offer to those who want to step into the business world as protagonists.


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