Give yourself credit!

19 November 2014

At Bologna Business School we understand the importance of financial aid in supporting our students in achieving their educational goals. We are aware that an advanced, high quality training path can be a significant commitment but we also truly believe that investing in one’s future always pays back.

Thanks to an agreement between Alma Bologna Business School and UniCredit, if you are officially resident in Italy, Master participants can receive an honor loan without guarantees and at a special rate.

Apply it’s easy and simple, the refund can begin two years after the loan has been granted, and it has no penalties for early repayment.


To summarize:

  • Loan amount equal to the enrollment fee
  • Possibility to receive an extra amount for “living costs” of 2.000 euros
  • Special rate
  • No guarantees
  • Payable in 12 years
  • Without early closing fees


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