Giovanni Turchi:”The Master in HR & Organization allowed me to enter the sector that I am most passionate about.”

24 September 2018

I’m Giovanni Turchi from Bologna, a student of the BBS Master in HR & Organization. Less than a year ago I worked as a logistic engineer at FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) in Turin, with an excellent working position in a company that invests important resources on new graduates. In November 2017, however, there was a moment when I decided to listen to a voice within me that had been insistent for too long and that pushed me to change direction, to enter the sector in which I wanted to become a professional, that of Human Resources.

In fact, I thought that the field of Human Resources was very interesting because it concerned something that during my studies of Engineering Management I had touched only partially and that was taken for granted in all business processes: people. I often heard about optimization of production, break even point and how to best manage a warehouse, but I considered incomplete the approach to these topics, since a special focus on the actors who intervene factually to conduct and manage the company was missing.

So I felt the need to make a choice that was really mine, to change my path. I applied for the selections of the Master in HR & Organization just in time and to my great joy I was admitted, also obtaining the scholarship. The fact of starting a new experience had infused me with great motivation, which is why, even if for work reasons I could reach my classmates only one month from the beginning of the lessons, I did not have many problems to integrate.

Talking about the experience in the classroom, I was lucky enough to live and study in a multicultural context, composed of more than ten different nationalities, very open to exchange and constructive discussion. All this has been reinforced by a remarkable quality of teaching, thanks to which I understood how many different areas the Human Resources sector offers, such as Selection, Training and Performance Management, just to name a few.

There was also an important emphasis on the innovations that nowadays are investing in Human Resources. I think, for example, about the theme of People Analytics, that is the use of Big Data to understand how to improve recruiting processes and services to employees.

At the end of this path I would like to thank all the staff of the School and Automobili Lamborghini who, thanks to BBS, is allowing me to have an intense internship at its headquarters.

Our choices are bets but if at the end of the day we are proud of ourselves, it is perhaps worth taking the risk.


Giovanni Turchi – Bologna

Master in HR & Organization – Class 2017/2018


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