Gaia Prigionieri, International Executive MBA

15 July 2020

Innovation & Technology Enthusiast is how Gaia Prigionieri defines herself: she found in the International Executive MBA of BBS an innovative path to complete what she has been learning during her career, that started over a decade ago, linked to digital transformation.

What is your professional path?

I graduated in Economics for Art, Culture and Communication at the Bocconi University. Then I worked in the field of business consultancy for eight years – first in a small Milan-based business focused on competitive intelligence (I&B) and later at Capgemini – where I discovered my passion for strategic marketing, with a particular focus in the Financial Services sector. Six years ago I started working at BPER Bank where I designed from scratch the new digital sales platform. There I also had the opportunity to participate in several business model transformation projects. I currently work for Credito Emiliano bank, as a Project Manager in the field of Wealth Management and every day I deal with new and stimulating challenges.

Why did you decide to continue your training and how did you choose BBS?

Mainly for two reasons: a colleague of mine, whom I consider today to be my mentor, told me about her training experience; and the awareness of having reached a stage of my professional journey when I felt it necessary to validate, confirm and verify what I had learned in the field. The arrival at BBS was the result of a sudden decision: I participated in the Open Day of the International Executive MBA , I understood that I had come across a completely innovative path, in our country, and a few days later I started.

In your opinion, what are the strengths of the iEMBA program?

For sure, the right mix of theory, experiences and a hands-on approach, with solid foundations – the academic set-up and the network of companies – and a fantastic window open onto the world – the International Week in the Silicon Valley. To these elements I may also add some practical aspects: I have a 7-year-old son, but I have not found it difficult to commit myself deeply in this year and a half; motivation plays an important role, and the educational activities allow you to adjust your energies correctly. At the end of this path, on the one hand, I feel I can grasp the disruptive impact of technology in all sectors with greater competence and ability and on the other, I can say that technology is a commodity and that the real challenge is always asking oneself the right questions (as we did during the hackathons!), defining the correct strategic structure that you intend to pursue and being available to turn it upside down and review it continuously. The great gift – hoped for, but not to be taken for granted – that the program gave me is also the network of people. The possibility of being able to deal with individuals from all industries and from different parts of the world who have to deal with digital transformation projects in their companies and who want to learn constantly defines the possibility of creating a network.

What would be your advice to those who are about to choose BBS?

I can only recommend BBS and the iEMBA program for its uniqueness: being part of this experience means finding yourself in a neutral (different sectors and technologies), immersive and open space in which not only you learn but most of all you can put yourself to the test.

Gaia Prigionieri, Italy

International Executive MBA – Class 2018/2020



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