From volume to value: the Big Data Association of the Emilia Romagna Region according to Patrizio Bianchi

5 November 2019

The first Bologna Business School Innovation Talks is dedicated to the development of the Emilia Romagna Data Valley: to present the project to the Community BBS Patrizio Bianchi, Regional Councilor for University and Research, who spoke about Bologna, a city symbol of knowledge and of research, today the pivot at European level of the fourth industrial revolution, thanks to a strategic position and the consolidation of technological development policies capable of attracting and multiplying international excellence.
From the community of pupils that over a thousand years ago began to attract in this part of Italy the best minds of that world, to the talents that come here today and are formed to facilitate the passage from a rigid mass production to personalized and varied processes; Bianchi’s question to the Community BBS “What direction did the new revolution take? Where are we going?” Highlights the shift in the center of gravity of our country’s industrial history from the Milan, Genoa and Turin triangles, to Bologna, Venice and Milan, linking Germany’s inustrial drive, the revolution of industry 4.0 and the strength of ‘EUR.

Bologna, thanks to shrewd development policies, has been able to play a decisive role in the transition from classic industrial districts to “eco-systems”, and the 2015 Labor Pact has launched a series of investments in research infrastructures, with the aim of to create a European big data and artificial intelligence research HUB in its territory.

With the From volume to value project, the Emilia Romagna Region has consolidated in the last decade a network of “technopoles” based on 6 universities and 11 campuses gathered in a coordination body that involves the public and private sectors and is based in the former Manifattura Tabacchi of the capital.

The Big Data Association relies on education, research and entrepreneurship to develop new sustainable development models, coordinated at local level and shared at national and European level. The training plan in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence includes a research program for digital humanities on social and ethical transformation: because, as the students of the year 1000 already saw, they saw in Bologna a welcoming and strategic land, opening to the new and the desire for knowledge are the valid multipliers of progress.


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