Forward-thinking and innovation, the combination of a successful corporate strategy

29 May 2020

For the participants of the Global MBA in Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports, a virtual meeting was held by Mirko Boccalatte, Chief Operating Officer of the Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team.

“An unmissable opportunity to face with a professional of this caliber, even if in a virtual context” – says Mattia Morlacchi, participant of the BBS Global track.

“During the meeting – continues Mattia – Mirko Boccalatte retraced the main evolutions of the history of Formula One, underlining how over the years the complexity of the single-seater has increased more and more, for example in aerodynamics, electronics, simulation and powertrain.

Trivial to say that the ultimate goal is to build the fastest car (then obviously the drivers put their talent into it), but what fascinated me most in this challenge is not so much what you achieve, but how fast you reach it. You can aim to have the most powerful engine, but if it takes too long to do so, the opponents will rank ahead in the race and score a good gap of points in the standings.

This is an aspect that I find truly stimulating, and which has different analogies with the current world, where everything is constantly evolving: knowing how to keep up in a context where even information travels without borders requires foresight and awareness of the fact that solution developed will soon be reached also by competitors.

The speech also focused on other issues of fundamental importance, such as the vision and mission of a company, two factors at the top of a pyramid whose basis is made up of objectives, strategies and tactics. Just as a good coach is more effective in bringing his team to success when he has the final goal clear from the start, in the same way, a company will be all the more successful the more it can convey to its stakeholders the idea of ​​the future he is aiming for.

Finally, there was no lack of ideas relating to sustainability and attention for the worker, especially in such a delicate phase as the one we are going through. Specifically, Ferrari in the face of the emergency Covid-19 has devised and is putting into practice a model for the prevention of infection from the forefront and which can be taken as an example in many other realities.

In general, I admit that hearing about this world, seeing the images and videos of Formula One and exploring its behind the scenes always gives me strong emotions. It brings me to relive the four beautiful years spent in Ferrari in the Track Operations group relating to Gearbox and Hydraulic System of Formula One. Memories that start from the first experiences at the test benches and then move on to the more intense ones on the track, but which are mainly related to the people with whom I worked closely, with whom I shared unique experiences”.


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