Finance, Control and Auditing – job positions

Auditor: Ensuring financial and operational compliance

The Auditor assumes the crucial responsibility of verifying the compliance of a company’s financial and operational activities. Through careful examination of financial documents, including balance sheets and accounting records, the auditor ensures compliance with accounting regulations. He/she identifies financial and operational risks and proposes strategies to mitigate them and improve business efficiency.


Controller: Financial management and strategic control

The controller focuses on the management and control of the company’s financial activities. By managing short- and long-term financial planning, the controller ensures that the company maintains effective control over its financial resources. He analyses operating costs and profits, identifying opportunities for efficiency and savings, and implements internal control systems to ensure the reliability of financial information.


Consultant: Strategic Guidance for Business Excellence

The role of the Consultant is essential in providing strategic advice to companies, aiming at improving their performance and integrating sustainable practices into operational processes. Through in-depth analyses of business processes, organisational structures and finances, the consultant defines goals and strategies for improvement. He conducts market research to understand the competition and identify growth opportunities, helping companies to integrate sustainable practices into their operating models.