Finance and Fintech – job positions

Financial Analyst Consultant: Targeted financial consulting for business success

The role of the Financial Analyst Consultant is crucial in the context of financial technology, providing detailed financial analysis and targeted advice to companies and institutions. He plays a crucial role in analysing financial performance, identifying trends, risks and opportunities, and creating short- and long-term financial models. His work extends to assessing opportunities in the fintech sector, including new products, services and competitors, while also helping to mitigate financial risks of various kinds. He also assesses investment opportunities in new fintech products, start-ups and other ventures, offering evidence-based advice.


Strategic Analyst: Driving long-term business success

The Strategic Analyst is a key role in guiding organisations toward long-term success. Its activities include detailed financial analysis to support strategic planning, supporting new initiatives and innovative projects, and preparing detailed reports and presentations to clearly communicate analysis results to stakeholders, contributing to informed decision-making.


Investment Analyst: Analysis of investment opportunities

The Investment Analyst is dedicated to the analysis and evaluation of investment opportunities. From collecting and analysing financial data to evaluating stocks, bonds and mutual funds, he actively works with clients to develop diversified investment portfolios. Constant monitoring of investment performance guides the adaptation to market conditions and client objectives.


Risk Manager: Ensuring business stability

The Risk Manager plays a key role in corporate risk management, collaborating with various departments to implement controls and procedures. He or she regularly evaluates the effectiveness of risk management strategies, making adjustments in response to changes in the business environment or identified risks. The objectives of this professional are to ensure business continuity and protect the company’s reputation.