Filippo Bassani, Executive Master in Supply Chain and Operations

9 September 2020

Filippo Bassani chose our Executive Master in Supply Chain and Operations because he felt “the world of work has changed and those who are involved in production activities are also directly involved in the discussions – even critical ones – with customers”. He found a stimulating environment and a program that helped make his role more strategic.

Tell us about your professional career

My career is different from that of most people who participate in a Master’s, simply because I haven’t got a university degree. In 1998 I received my high school diploma from the technical institute of Ferrara, with an IT specialization. As soon as I finished school, I decided to attend a vocational course aimed at facilitating the access of young people to the labor market. Target reached, as in April 2000 I started working as line operator for the Selcom Group, an electronics company based in Castelmaggiore, near Bologna. My professional career within Selcom has been marked by a continuous growth, in different company functions: operator, technical assistant, team leader, process engineer, quality engineer, plant manager, until the end of 2018 when I became “operations manager”. It was the result of a lot of commitment on my part but mostly it was thanks to the vast competence of people I encountered during my journey: they never considered the transfer of know-how as a waste of time.

Why did you decide to resume your education and how did you choose BBS?

At a certain point in my career I realized I’d reached the limit of my abilities. The world of work has changed and increasingly those who are involved in production activities are also directly involved in the discussions – even critical ones – with customers. As I grew up in the field, I found it difficult when I was faced with similar situations, I really felt
“out of place”. The Master’s was an opportunity to grow fast and improve my approach and get closer to the
figure of manager.

According to you, what are the Executive program’s strengths?

First, I really appreciated the possibility of having experiences in different companies, live during our Fridays’ visits but also through the presentations of the professionals who came to talk to us during the course. They were best practice experiences that become part of your know-how in a direct way, thus enabling us to free our minds from the short-sightedness generated by the daily routine. The manager-professors are a guarantee. All topics are dealt with academically but always
contextualized in an industrial framework. The entire educational experience is shared with fellow students coming from different workplaces, thus adding an element of diversity that increases the quality of the program.

What are your short- and long-term goals?

My goal is to pass on what I improved at a personal level to the company I represent. We are a fantastic company in this area, which also deserves to grow internationally.

What would you suggest to a future BBS participant?

Don’t think “I already know this, I’ll do something different”. Every lesson, every moment provides interesting inputs for your growth. Nurture the relationships (the network) that develop during the Master’s.

Filippo Bassani – Italy

Executive Master in Supply Chain and Operations – Class 2017/2018


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