Feng Gu: “I am studying marketing to connect the Orient and the Occident.”

21 November 2017

My name is Feng Gu, I am from Shanghai and I am an Alumna of the Master in New Media and Marketing Communication. Before coming to Bologna, I obtained a bachelor degree in Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL), which involves courses about Chinese history and Oriental culture.

After graduation, a 3-year working experience in a French perfume start-up made me open my eyes, as no one could resist the revolutionary outcome from the western Renaissance era. At that moment, all the incoherent dots started to connect in my little world, which is exactly what needs to be shared with everyone. I realized that I would be the perfect bond between the two continents.

Even with a background in both Eastern and Western culture, I still could not achieve an outstanding performance due to lack of marketing fundamentals. Thus, after days of research, I have chosen Bologna Business School (BBS) to continue my education in Italy. The main reason for the choice is that 6 months of academic study and 3-6 months of internship program provide a greater opportunity for people like me to explore all the available possibilities in life.

Now, more than a year after my path in BBS, true-life experience has proofed that my decision of coming to BBS is one of the best I have made in my life. While I was enjoying the new happy life-style filled with good surprises and diversity, I tried my best to survive the intense course schedule, tons of projects, and nightless group meetings. This experience made me a stronger, a more professional and a more knowledgeable candidate for success. Beyond what I have gained for myself, a full class of amazing and talented people from all over the world also became one of my most valuable assets.

After enjoying my internship in Bologna, a city that mixes arcades and spectacular old buildings, I moved to Verona, where I work as Strategist for the digital creative agency AQuest.


This is just a beginning of my Dolce Vita!



Feng Gu – Strategist, AQuest

Master in New Media and Marketing Communication, Class 2016/17


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