Federico Tassi, MBA Part-time weekend

2 April 2020

Federico Tassi, Alumnus of the Master in Business Administration Part-time Weekend, since last September is General Manager of Carpigiani Group, a Bolognese company that since 1946 represents the technical excellence of machines for the production of artisan ice cream.

What is your professional career?

I joined Carpigiani Group in 2005 at the age of 25, to deal with the commercial development of the distribution network of some non-European markets, initially South America, then over time Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and others were added. In 2009 I asked the company to evaluate a master in distance learning to be pursued parallel to my career, and the following year I became responsible for the export of a separate division, a sort of company in itself within the company. This position has taken on contours far beyond the commercial sphere, leading me to deal more and more with the overall economic performance of the Business Unit, of which I took over in 2013. From 1st September 2019 I hold the position of General Manager of Carpigiani Group.

Why did you decide to continue training?

My work took me away from home about 200 days a year. For me it was unthinkable to evaluate a presidential master: the choice fell on what is now the Part-time Weekend MBA because it was compatible with my job, and because I believe in the Alma Mater Studiorum as an institution. I wanted to deepen my knowledge of the economic indicators at the base of management, which lived less on the field and which were not present in my previous education. The mode of the BBS program, which included 50% of online lessons and 50% in the classroom one weekend a month, allowed me to do it.

In your opinion, what are the strengths of the Executive program?

I appreciated the “à la carte menu”, which allowed me to deepen the single themes on several levels, according to the needs of each. I found useful to focus on administration, management control, financial elements and Operations Management, while I experienced the aspects related to the marketing and sales spheres every day. Besides, together with a colleague, we carried out the final project work of the Master on an expansion project of data mining relating to the post-sale of Carpigiani’s machines. This created a further bridge between study and work.

What would you recommend to a future BBS student?

I would suggest enrolling in the Master only after having gained work experience in the field, to direct and shape one’s skills starting from an already built base. Personally, I had 5 years behind me in a large company, which had led me to get in touch with different markets. The BBS program allowed me to deepen several aspects, also thanks to the continuous exchange with teachers and professionals. Let’s say that for me the Master was a multiplier. If at the base I had a lower denominator of experiences, it would inevitably have multiplied much less.

Federico Tassi – Italy

MBA Part-time Weekend  – Class 2009/2011


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