Associate Professor University of Bologna

Tommaso Bonetti is an Associate Professor of Administrative Law. He is Professor at the School of Specialization in Public Administration Studies (SPISA). He has spent periods of research abroad. He is a member of the Editorial Staff of the journal “Italian Journal of Public Law” and of the editorial board of the journal “Munus”. He has been Legal Advisor for the Minister of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea. He has been member of the Unit of simplification and quality of regulation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. He is the author of a monograph and numerous publications on administrative procedures, territorial government, town planning, infrastructures, administrative simplification, local public services, public companies and health organization.


The course will not feature in the sequential rationale of the other courses, but it will cut across the nine theme-based courses. Some topics of particular relevance and topicality mentioned during the Core Courses according to an economic, economic-corporate, organizational, economic-management engineering, sociological, IT perspective, will also be analyzed according to the legal perspective, with the aim of providing participants with suitable regulatory tools for an interdisciplinary and integrated interpretation of the Public Administration.

The Public Value Manager will be aware of the regulatory framework of theme-based courses and will have at their disposal useful legal tools to develop an interdisciplinary and integrated analysis of the Public Administration.