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Advising international companies in the area of financial leadership and strategic management
he has worked for medium and large cap companies in Europe, Americas and the Middle
East. He is also an advisor to the United Nations and the Federal Network Agency.
Trainer and coach in company-specific programs as well as national and international Executive
MBA programs. Current book project on Management with OKRs together with John Doerr
(Venture Capitalist of Google) and several publications on financial leadership and performance
management. He co-develops, teaches and implements the St. Gallen Performance
Management Model (


Performance is the core concept of the automotive and superbikes industry. Performances are strictly connected not only to competitions, but also to the series production, where performances represent one of the main characteristics of the products.

The course analyses the concept of performance and focus on different methodologies for measuring and managing a performance in all the process that characterizes the industry of supercars and superbikes.

The main topics covered will be: economic and financial information for managing  a competitive benefit; models for the analysis of the economic and financial performance; parameters for the evaluation of company profitability; financial and strategic sustainability of the company performance.

Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports