President Associazione Italiana di Tecnologia Alimentare (AITA)

Sebastiano Porretta researcher manager of the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy (formerly Ministry of Industry) is very well known to the Scientific as well Industrial Food Communities for research in product development methods and is Head of the Marketing and Consumer Science Department at the Experimental Station of the Food Preserving Industry, SSICA, Parma.

His original approach to studying the interactions between foods and consumers and evaluating the effects of ingredients and processing on food acceptability is considered groundbreaking. Porretta has been professor of food processing and sensory and consumer science in many universities (including Catholic, Liuc, Pollenzo Gastronomic Science, Udine, Reggio and Modena) and author/editor of 30 books as well as of many peer reviewed papers. Porretta has been responsible for all the 11 editions of the biennial Italian Congress of Food Science and Technology (Ciseta) the main Italian event on food science. He was among the pioneers in studying the relationships between chemical, physical, sensorial and consumer acceptance using advanced product development techniques. Together with Howard Moskowitz has recently developed a technique called Mind Genomics for the study of the drivers of consumer preference.
Porretta actually is President of the scientific committee of the ITS Academy of Parma and scientific and organization Chairman of the 22nd IUFoST World Congress of Food Science and Technology held for the first time in Italy in September 2024 in Rimini.
He is scientific coordinator of the magazines Ingredienti Alimentari (Food Ingredients) and Alimenti Funzionali (Functional foods) published by Chiriotti Editori.
He is a member of the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) Board of Directors (2020–2022) the main world association having 300.000 members between food scientist, and fellow since 1998 of The International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST), an elected group of distinguished food scientists.


In this module, participants will be introduced to Sensory Marketing, gaining specific knowledge and tools to interpret and predict market choices. Starting with the product development process through the lens of sensory marketing, employing techniques such as Conjoint Analysis (mind genomics) and Slope Analysis to shape food innovations in their early stages, you will decipher the factors behind market preferences.

Exploring the sensory approach, participants will learn the complexities of developing detailed sensory profiles using Quantitative Descriptive Analysis. In addition, the module will cover the skills of determining sensory and consumer shelf life.

Food Innovation and Regeneration