Didactic tutor Department of Legal Sciences

Alessandra Santangelo is Ph.D. in criminal law at the University of Bologna. She mainly carries out comparative research on the relationships between common law and civil law as well as on economic crimes. She completed her studies by taking part in a Visiting Program in Criminal Law at Queen Mary University (London). She obtained the LLM, with a specialization in European law, at King’s College (London).


The course aims to examine the rules on the division of functions and the responsibilities attributable to the exercise of the business activity, focusing on the management’s responsibilities in complex corporate divisions and on the responsibilities that the company itself faces in the event of a crime being committed, according to the discipline provided by the legislative decree n. 231 of 2001.
In particular, the institution of the delegation of functions in relation to the various hypotheses of division of work within the company, and the division of responsibility within the collegial bodies (board of directors, board of statutory auditors, etc.) will be investigated.
At the same time, the course intends to develop specialist skills in the field of compliance and liability from crime of the entity, identifying the application prerequisites of the sanctions imposed on the legal person as well as providing the knowledge necessary to examine the organization and management models (MOG) that must be adopted to minimize risk-liability.

Executive MBA